Vacuum Packing Machine

Vacuum Packing Machine

With an aim to revolutionize manufaturing and processing industries, We have stepped forward exceeding the expectation of people with our innovative machines. These machines are very efficient in compressing pillows and cushions to minimum sizes and seal them for dispatch purposes.


Power: 10 kw
Motor of Vacuum pump:3.72kw or 5 hp
Packaging capacity: 3 times/min
Weight: 500kg


High-pressure Vacuum Compression
Packaging and sealing features included
Low maintenance required
Consistent performance
100%safe and relible
Oil free machanism
Occupies Minimum space

Vacuum Packaging Machines

Vacuum packing machine comes in a number of different forms, but for the most part, there are a few features that pretty much every type of vacuum packaging machine will have. First, there is a chamber that is used in the process. Second, there will be a cutter blade that is housed inside the machine and that is used to cut specific shapes out of the plastic bag (or bags) on which the vacuum process will take place. And lastly, you'll find an air pump (which can be an electric or a manual pump) within the vacuum packing machine and this is used to evacuate air from the bag or bags that are being used.

This may sound like a complicated piece of machinery, but anyone who has ever ordered things online knows that you'll want one of these machines if you plan to do a lot of online shopping yourself. You won't see many people ordering items online and then having someone else pack those items into boxes for shipping. Instead, those people who order things online via the internet are the ones who plan to do a lot of the packing themselves. People who do this will be able to use their vacuum packaging machines to guarantee that their goods arrive at their destinations without damage.

Features of Vacuum Packaging Machine

  • 1. A vacuum packing machine is a machine that is used for packaging products with the help of a vacuum. The main objective of this machine is to keep the product away from air and moisture. With the help of this machine, a pack can be sealed into plastic.
  • 2. The main feature of the vacuum packing machine is that it has the capability to cut down the power costs and the cost of maintenance.
  • 3. This machine has many types and you need to find out the best vacuum packaging machine according to your requirement.
  • 4. The main advantage of using this machine is that it saves time and also saves the packing cost. This also prevents the risk of degradation of product due to air. Different companies are providing many models of this machine and you need to choose one which has better features and maintains less power consumption. So, if you are planning to buy a vacuum packaging machine then go for a vacuum packaging machine for a better result.