Foam Shredder Machine

We proudly present our Foam shredding machine, the foam recycling game-changer, here on our website. Terron India is proud to offer innovative waste and recycling solutions, and these foam recyclers are no exception to our commitment to the environment.

What is a Foam Shredding Machine?

Our powerful and versatile foam shredding machine recycles and reuses foam. Our foam shredding machine efficiently shreds foam packaging, furniture cushions, mattress padding, and other foam waste for processing and recycling.

Key Features and Benefits


Our foam shredding machine is efficient and can quickly process large volumes of foam waste.


Our foam shredding machine can handle rigid, flexible, and foam with varying densities.


Reduce waste disposal costs by shredding foam waste and sell for recycling.

4)Ecological sustainability:

Our shredding machine recycles foam waste and reduces landfill waste, making it an ecologically friendly option.

5)User-friendly design:

The foam shredding machine has intuitive controls, is easy to maintain, and has built-in safety features for easy operation.


The foam shredding machine has numerous industrial applications:


Shred foam and use it in a box to support and cushion fragile items during transport.

2)Manufacturing furniture:

Reuse shredded foam to make cushions, pillows, and upholstery for furniture, so you don't have to buy virgin foam.


Shred foam can be added to concrete for thermal and sound insulation for construction projects.

4)Facilities that recycle:

Recycling facilities can use our foam shredding machine to increase the density of the recyclable foam and make the excretion valuable.

Why Choose Us?

One of the top Foam shredding machine Manufacturers in India, Terron India, makes foam shredding machines that work well, are durable, and offer good value. Why recycle foam with us? Some ways we stand out:

1)Industry Knowledge:

With experience in waste management and recycling stretching back many years, we can provide intelligent, cost-effective and customized solutions.

2)Safeguarding quality:

Our foam shredding machines are made to the highest standards of quality and workmanship, so they are 100% reliable and last for a long time.

3)Client satisfaction:

We, one of the top Foam shredding machine Manufacturers, aim to satisfy our clients by providing quality products, services and support.

4)Tech Support:

We help you use your foam shredding machine to its fullest potential with commissioning, training, servicing and repair and the right advice.

Get in Touch Today !

Contact us today to learn how our Foam shredding machine can assist your business. Our foam recycling experts are on standby if you have any questions about our machine or the foam recycling process or if you would like a demo! Contribute to a greener earth, a garbage-free environment, and a sustainable path.

  • Technical Specifications: Output 50 Kg. per hour
  • Electrical Specifications : Power 3 Hp (2.2 k.w.)
  • Machine Weight : 100Kg
  • Warranty : 6 Months Mfg. (1 Year Motor Warranty)