Roll Packing Machine Manufacturers

Our pillow roll packing machine is easy to operate. A quilt rolling machine is also designed to be super stable and made with high-quality and durable material to ensure its longevity. On top of that, cushion roll pack machine has a compact size, so it is easy to position anywhere in your factory.

It is a pillow roll pack machine suitable for pillows upto 480 mm and can also be used as quilt rolling machine. Pillow coiling machine's air pressure is 0.5 to 0.8 MPa. Meanwhile, the cylinder diameter of this pillow roll pack machine is 170 mm. Our mattress/pillow rolling machine selection is sure to improve your production efficiency. A reliable pillow rolling machine will help automate your processes without sacrificing its quality.


  • Electrical Specifications: Power 1 Hp (0.7 k.w.)
  • Phase: Single / Three
  • Machine Weight: 100Kg
  • Machine Size: Rolling Length 24”
  • Warranty: 6 Months Mfg. (1 Year Motor Warranty)
  • Fully Automatic Systems
  • In-Built Operating Panel
  • Air Compressor Extra
  • Customizable Size Adjustment System
  • Equipped with Pedal System
  • Punctureless Technology
  • Eco & Economically Friendly